Does your child struggle to fall asleep at night, or simply hate bedtime?

Children love our relaxing meditations & fall asleep in minutes.

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Whether your child struggles to get to sleep at night, or you are just searching for relaxing bedtime stories, our guided meditations are the perfect alternative to bedtime TV.

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Child sleep deprivation affects 58% of children and has been labelled a growing public health concern – an epidemic!

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Listen now to one of our guided meditations. Filled with happiness and love, they are certain to send your child into a peaceful sleep.

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Sleep Meditation For Kids

Are you searching for relaxing bedtime meditations for your children?

While writing guided meditations for kids, we always keep in mind that the last thing your child thinks about at night has a immediate impact on both their dreams and how they will feel the following morning.
By blending sleepy meditations and positive affirmations, with enjoyable bedtime stories, we hope our young listeners will reap the reward of a good nights sleep.

Bedtime Audio Books For Kids

Each and every story is written to softly address any troubles or worries your child may be experiencing, easing their concerns and providing positive solutions. Unlike a regular audio book, the goal is to gently send your child into a deep and relaxing sleep.

Our meditations promote positive thinking, empowerment, love, forgiveness and appreciation. While we intend for your child to have fallen asleep well before the end of the meditation, the inner guidance provided will nurture their young minds, as they sleep.

Does your child struggle to fall asleep at night - or simply hate bedtime?

Our entire album, Sleep Meditation For Inner Happiness, is available as a free download from Amazon 🙂

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